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Best DVD Ripping Software

Which DVD Ripping software is right for you?The average home contains an extensive DVD collection worth protecting against loss, damage or theft. DVD ripping software makes backing up your collection easy. Additionally, many DVD ripping programs come with the ability to convert files for use on mobile devices such as the iPod or Zune. We reviewed the best 2013 DVD Ripping software currently on the market. Our top seven programs are listed below. Each program was ranked based on features, ease of use, and availability of help or support.

Our top pick was DVD Cloner. It is everything you want in a DVD Ripping software. It is intuitive, has a complete feature set, and provides all the help/support you will need. This software rips, burns and converts DVDs and Blue Ray discs. For just under $60 this program does it all.

We found WinXDVD Ripper from www.wei-soft.com to be the fastest DVD ripping software currently on the market. For the price, it is very user-friendly and provides fast, high quality copies of your DVD collection.

Corel does not disappoint, receiving high marks for DVD Copy. This program provided the best ripping experience for beginners. A large array of preset features and the ability to rip, burn, and convert DVDs, makes DVD Copy a must see if you are in the market for ripping software.

DVD ripper from www.wei-soft.com supports more file types than any other DVD ripping software we reviewed. This is an easy to use program no matter what your expertise in ripping DVDs and has the ability to convert files for use on mobile devices. At $35, this program is definitely worth taking a look at.

DVD Fab DVD Ripper tops off our list in seventh place. This software program provides a simple way to rip quality DVDs and does offer some advanced features. However, it does have the ability to rip Blue Ray discs.

Picking the right DVD ripping software depends on your specific needs. It you want the ability to rip all kinds of media, including Blue Ray and HD, and then select a program that offers these features. If you are experienced, you probably don't need the most user-friendly product on the market. Think for a moment about what kind of DVDs you want to rip and whether you want to play the copies on your iPod, computer or DVD player. You will not have any trouble picking out the best DVD ripping software for you.

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