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How Do You Recognize a Good Video Converter

For those who are not familiar with a video converter, read on to know more about it. This is actually a type of program that lets you convert videos in one format to other kinds of formats, so that they can be played on other devices. This is a direct digital-to-digital conversion of data from a particular encoding to another. One of the reasons why people like to use such programs is because there are certain video that they want to watch, but the formats are not supported by devices such as an iPad, iPhone, Mac and Blackberry, among others. If this is also an issue for you, you can find a solution in a video converter.


There are two kinds of video converters, namely, freeware and shareware

The best advantage of a freeware is that it does not cost anything to use it, but on the downside, it has limitations, like spyware, ads and others.

You can download shareware for free so you can try it. This way, you can see if you like it before you buy it. However, the free version also has its limitations, such as water mark, time of use and conversion time. Once you buy it, it can be used without limits.


Shareware is usually far more powerful than freeware because of its several functions, extra powerful encoders and beautiful interfaces. Most important of all, they do not have ads and spywear.


It is important for a good video converter to be powerful and professional. Basically, it should have two key features, namely conversion and editing. When it comes to converting videos, it should support several video formats. At present, there are many popular types of videos. These include HD, MOV, MP4, 3GP, AVI, WMV, SWF, FLV and MKV, to name just a few. While most devices support video formats such as these, there is no device that can singlehandedly play all these types of video. This is when you need a video converter - it allows you to easily convert these formats.


The other major feature of a reliable video converter is its ability to let users edit their videos. There are times when people that transfer videos with a video converter want the output videos to be customized. They may like to include a watermark, add some background music or add some effects. These features should be present in a good video converter. Moreover, the users should also be able to combine many video files into one. According to professional video editors, a great software is also capable of letting users extract the audio part from a video.


Aside from the aforementioned two functions, the video converter should have an interface that is user-friendly, giving clear instructions on how to start. It should also be fast and not let the user waste precious time on just converting a single video. The support is very important, as well. The software is not a good one if it does not upgrade for several years.


Nowadays, there are several different video converters. Some are free, while others come with a price. Though the free ones are good for trying, if you want more powerful functions, you should go for paid programs. A reliable piece of video software can save on time because of its extra fast speed. It also produces exceptional quality videos. There are some possible losses whenever videos are converted. However, a professional video converter does its best to reduce loses and maintain the original quality.


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