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What Are DVD Rippers?

Computer users are quite likely to have copied and burned many CDs, but many of them are not aware that they could also copy and burn many DVDs. When you wish to retain more copies of the movies owned by you, you may simply copy and burn them on more discs. Moreover, you could also burn them for your friends. You'll find this technique very helpful for your school projects, as you may burn only that part of the DVD that you require.


If your computer lacks the software for copying DVDs, you'll find many such programs on the Internet. Here you and download one for copying DVD movies which are not protected against copying. These programs are called DVD rippers and many of them are free. However, you'll have to choose the format to which your DVD needs to be changed before getting started. Do you know how a ripper works? Here's how:


Disk reading

The function of a DVD ripper is to copy and transfer the material contained in a DVD to another electronic device, such as your computers' hard drive. As you keep the DVD in a drive and activate the program, the disc is scanned by the computer. Quality rippers are able to get around or disable the copy protection feature incorporated in most video discs. The software starts reading the disc that needs copied, and transfers the information contained there to a different DVD or the hard drive of another computer.



Some of the formats available to you are DVD-9 and DVD -5. It's imperative to know the format of the source that is being copied and the format in which you want it written. Because the information that can be contained in DVD-5 discs is rather small, you can copy the same to any other DVD-5 or DVD-9. Since the information contained by a DVD-9 is quite large, it can easily be copied to any other DVD-9, but when you want to copy the same to any DVD-5, you need to compress it first so that it can be accommodated here, otherwise you'll require two DVD-5 disks. Usually, rippers come with a compression feature, though the quality of the final results could vary.



Having copied a DVD, you can play it on a DVD drive, and also on your home entertainment system. However, this is not true at all times. Some discs come with a code printed on them and a copy protection feature. It is possible that DVDs coming from Germany or France are not compatible with the players available in the US. That is why it's imperative to ensure that the ripper is able to disable both those features.


Computer concerns

A quality ripper requires a first class computer when operating. You should understand that, as you copy a DVD, quite a few gigabytes of information get transmitted to your hard drive. So you need to ensure that your device has the adequate available memory, else the software won't be able to do the needful. Moreover, for making copies of the DVD, the hard drive of your computer should be able to read from the disc and also write to another disc.


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