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Using A DVD Ripper To Backup Your DVD Collections To A Hard Drive

DVDs have enjoyed popularity for years and it is normal to have users with large collections of the same. The truth however is that DVDs risk getting damaged and scratched and hence, they might not be that helpful or usable in a few years to come. This makes it very important to backup DVDs to a hard drive. The backing can also be done on an iPad or other devices which make it easier to play the DVDs without risk of damages and loss. There are different backup solutions that can be used for and you will need to find the best DVD ripper for that.


The Importance of Taking a Back Up

Having a backup solution for your DVD collection is important and it comes with advantages. One of the advantages of finding a good backup solution is that you won't have to deal with incompatibilities that usually occur when dealing with different DVDs. DVD region limitations can be frustrating.

When you back your collection to a hard drive, however, you will find a simple way of removing such limitations. You will easily be able to watch your DVDs from your PC or even TV and iPad depending on your individual preferences. When you have backed up your DVD collection, you won't have to incur an extra expense on buying a DVD player. This is considering that you can simply watch them on a computer. Modern TVs also come with USB support and you can transfer your data to these USBs to enjoy watching from the TV.


Backup Process

The DVD Ripper is one of the best backup solutions that you can find for your collection. It offers an abundance of output video formats through which you can backup up your collection with ease to the hard drive. It can handle anything from MP4, MPEG, AVI and SD videos. It also can handle HD videos including HD TS, HD MKV and HD VOB among others. The many formats make the backing process very easy and fast for your collection needs. This means you can enjoy DVD to MP4 too.

1.Download the DVD Ripper, install and launch it to start the backup process.

2.Load the DVD disc or video folder and add it to the DVD Ripper by a simple click. The loading helps in importing the DVD collection.

3.The next step will be to select the suitable output format. You can choose to watch DVDs on TV or your PC by simply selecting TV videos as the right output format for the video.

4. The final step is to start the back up to hard drive. You will see a start button and clicking it will start the process automatically. The length of time it will take to complete the back up on the hard drive will be determined by the hardware and the settings.


Once the conversion is complete, you can then start transferring these ripped videos so that you can watch on TV or enjoy them right on your PC. It is a simple process that should not take up more of your time.

The link provides you with necessary and additional information on the best DVD rippers and tips on how to conduct a simple conversion or back process of the same.


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